About MOND

Complete dental care for every patient based on quality treatments in a professional setting.

What we stand for at MOND

Our philosophy

At MOND, our professional team provides high-quality dental care every day, based on individual needs.

  • Transparency in all areas
  • A customised solution for every need
  • Quality from the moment we say "Hello"
  • Based on an innovative setting

How it all started

Our story

MOND's story began in 2008 under the name Mond@Medipolis in Wilrijk. There, Dr Tommie van de Velde and a group of motivated dentists provided dental care in Flanders in a new, modified way, focussing on a high-quality approach across the entire process. This mainly focused on unburdening the dentist, giving them the time and space to focus on the essence: providing high-quality dentistry.

In practice, this resulted in professional assistance for each dentist and patient and a reception that focused on communication. Dentists, specialists, and other employees welcomed this new trend with open arms, which led to a highly motivated and dynamic team and ultimately to a new standard of dental care for patients.

"A new standard in dental care"

This successful approach was expanded in 2014 to a new practice in Antwerp's lovely Green Quarter. The modern DNA of MOND went hand in hand with this modern urban development project and resulted in a highly technical and modern practice where patients can once again rely on high-quality treatment for every dental need. To further elaborate on the MOND DNA, this practice, just like the practice in Sint-Martens-Latem, also houses its own high-tech dental laboratory under the supervision of Ben Vernaillen.

The founders

The knowledge and expertise of these three founders, and especially their drive to continuously improve, created a solid foundation for further expansion of MOND.

dentist Alexander Declerck

Tommie Van de Velde

dr. Tommie Van de Velde

Piet Van Waes

Piet Van Waes

Join the MOND adventure

Do you have what it takes to provide high-quality dental care to our patients every day?

If you are looking for more information about how we work, about one of our practices, or the MOND group, please feel free to contact us. Our employees are always ready to help you.

A MOND near you

Our practices

At each of our 15 practices, you can count on personalised advice for your mouth and teeth in a professional and innovative setting.