Are you looking for targeted, individual advice? What we do for our group, we can also do for you.

MOND advises

Confidential customised advice

We can supply confidential, customised advice and assistance at all levels according to your personal situation.

In alle vertrouwen, op maat advies
  • Improve the profitability of existing practices.
  • How to start a new practice (solo or with a group of dentists).
  • Growing into a new structure (two or three colleagues, group practice). From a practice to an enterprise.
  • Get your enterprise ready for possible associations.
  • Preparing your enterprise for a takeover.

Interesting for your practice?

Do you think your practice will benefit from a consultation with MOND? Please contact us. We will gladly look at the options, and determine if we can indeed be of value to you during a personal and informal meeting.

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