Proper, daily oral hygiene (2 x brushing, preferably with an electric toothbrush and using interdental cleaning such as dental floss and/or brushes) ensures beautiful and well-kept teeth.
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In some situations, however, this is insufficient, and you, therefore, need professional cleaning of the tooth surfaces in those places that are sensitive to plaque and tartar build-up. We see this especially around the exits of salivary glands (inside of the lower incisors and outside of the upper molars). In addition, the consumption of strongly discolouring products such as tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes can also lead to discolouration of the teeth. When this is addressed frequently and on time by the dentist or dental hygienist, we can remove it quickly and painlessly. We do this with ultrasonic cleaning, whether or not in combination with manual instruments, and finishing with salt radiation for the difficult places between the teeth or polishing paste. In many cases, these treatments take place during the check-up appointment. However, if there is too much tartar present, we will advise you to book a separate appointment for this.

If the presence of plaque and tartar is so severe that the gums are also inflamed (gingivitis) and/or the supporting tissues such as the jaw bone are affected (periodontitis), we will refer you to a periodontist. This dental specialist focuses on treating all gum problems and then draws up a treatment plan with you. For more information, go to periodontology.

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