Toothache can really be excruciating. It is constantly present and disrupts your daily functioning. As a dentist, we are always happy to treat these pain complaints as quickly as possible so that you, as our patient, can experience immediate pain relief and can function normally again.
treatments / Emergencies

As a practice, we try to organise ourselves to always offer a solution for these pain complaints within 24 hours at an available dentist for our existing patients. An emergency appointment is made for this and only focuses on treating the acute dental problem. We work fairly quickly to provide pain relief thanks to anaesthesia and then carry out the necessary treatment such as placing a filling, denervation or removal of a tooth. Depending on the complexity of the problem, you will be given additional medication, or we may only perform a preliminary treatment to get the pain under control, pending an appointment with the right dental specialist to provide a final solution to your problem. This can be the case with complex inflamed dental nerves that require the microscope or the removal of broken teeth, or wisdom teeth that require minor surgery.

We consider the following problems to be acute dental problems:

  • Acute toothache that cannot be managed with painkillers (paracetamol or Ibuprofen)
  • Trauma due to a fall or blow
  • Toothache in pregnant patients
  • Toothache in children
  • Abscess formation with facial swelling

Other problems are not considered acute based on the general guidelines, and therefore we cannot always guarantee an appointment within 24 hours, although we will always try to do so.

If you have an emergency appointment as a new patient, we always advise you to make an appointment afterwards for a first examination to perform a full dental screening so that we can hopefully avoid these annoying toothaches in the future.

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