Follow-ups and prevention

The follow-up appointment is an essential part of the treatments you will receive as a patient at MOND. Once you have been registered as a patient in our patient database, you will be invited to book a follow-up appointment every 6 or 12 months.
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The follow-up frequency is determined by your risk profile (many or few dental problems in the past), and your health insurance covers it up to twice a year. During each calendar year, you must have booked at least one follow-up appointment to continue to enjoy the maximum cover afterwards. We will remind you about this via our recall system by e-mail, letter, or text message. However, you will have to contact us to book this appointment.

The following is done during a follow-up appointment:

  • Screening of all teeth, fillings, and existing crowns or dentures.
  • Screening of the gums and possibly other mouth pathology.
  • Radiographics to evaluate caries, fillings, and the jaw bone.
  • Check and adjust oral hygiene if necessary.
  • Tartar cleaning and polishing in case of minor tartar presence.

If you have acute problems (broken tooth, toothache, ...), we advise you to report this when booking the appointment. If needed, the dentist can adjust the necessary treatment time to ensure that your problem can also be addressed that day. 

If you need a very extensive cleaning procedure, with or without extra anaesthesia, the dentist may have you book an extra appointment. After all, we want to carry out our work thoroughly, and we need time to do so. 

Our practice considers patients who come for a check-up at least once a year as loyal and motivated patients. For these patients, our practice commits to offering a solution within 24 hours in case of acute problems (severe toothache, abscess, ...). This helps us to work together towards a stress-free practice with satisfied patients and relaxed dentists.

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