At MOND, we consider the intake or the "first examination" as one of the most important components of the treatments offered at the dental practice.
treatments / Intake

It lays the foundation for a good relationship of trust between you as a patient and the dentist. That is why, at MOND, we, therefore, reserve sufficient time to listen to your wishes and complaints during this first meeting. This is followed by an extensive examination, including possible x-rays, to obtain a complete status of your teeth.

We will immediately try to book the most suitable dentist based on the information and accompanying anamnesis you provided via the front desk. After all, there are various reasons why you could choose to visit a MOND dental practice:

  • You relocated and are looking for a new dentist
  • Your previous dentist retired
  • You have a specific problem that requires a solution
  • You require a second opinion about a problem, and you have doubts about the offered solution.
  • Your dentist referred you to one of our dental specialists.

Only if no particular problems have been identified it is possible that during this treatment, the dentist will immediately proceed to a limited treatment such as tartar removal or polishing. In all other cases, the dentist will draw up a treatment plan with you or advise you to make an appointment for a full screening of your teeth, including clinical photos and intra-oral scans using our oral scanners, so that this can be discussed with the necessary dental specialists. We mainly do this for extensive, complex problems that require a multidisciplinary approach.

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