Periodontology is the study of the supporting tissues (periodontium) of the teeth. More specifically, the gums and jawbone.
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Gingivitis and periodontitis are inflammations of the gums and the jawbone, respectively, and are caused by different factors:

  • Insufficient dental hygiene
  • Dental plaque and tartar
  • Bacteria
  • Genetic factors
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Smoking
  • Trauma and overload of the teeth
  • Wrong brushing technique

When your dentist identifies these problems and considers them to be severe enough, he/she will refer you to the periodontist. This is the dental specialist that focuses on all gum treatments. This ranges from treating inflamed gums and jawbone to the possible recovery of gums lost due to brushing trauma or an unfavourable root position.

The approach is almost always according to the same protocol:

  • Screening of the gums and periodontium and mapping all problems
  • Discussion of the causes, problems and necessary treatments
  • Deep cleaning the affected teeth under local anaesthesia to remove all plaque and tartar
  • Evaluation of the treatment and dental hygiene motivation
  • Discussion whether additional treatments are needed for persistent or more complex problems
  • Flap surgery in which the gums are opened locally to disinfect all root surfaces and remove inflamed tissue
  • Re-evaluation and dental hygiene follow-up
  • Inclusion in the recall system to avoid new problems in the future (3-, 6-, or 12-monthly)

Periodontitis is one of the most common chronic inflammations in the world. The bacteria involved in this inflammatory process may also be responsible for certain heart conditions (endocarditis). General medicine and cardiology are increasingly recognising the link between these chronic inflammations in the mouth and their impact on other parts of our human body. It is for this reason that people say that the mouth is a health indicator. With the necessary attention, motivation and guidance from us, you can get this problem completely under control. All MOND dentists are trained to detect these problems on time and to refer you on time. Usually, the patient's symptoms often only become visible when the process has already been ongoing for a while.

In addition, the periodontist also focuses on repairing and reconstructing soft and hard tissue that has been lost due to the removal of teeth, brushing trauma, orthodontics or inflammation. These treatments can only take place under the most optimal conditions with perfect oral hygiene for maximum results. This is discussed further under the section aesthetic surgery.

The treatments at the periodontist are covered to a limited extent depending on age and previous treatments. You can find out about this before starting the treatment. Additional insurance may cover these costs.

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