Reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive dentistry is an all-encompassing discipline focussing on restoring and rebuilding what has been lost.
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After all, patients lose their teeth for different reasons:

  • Trauma or accident
  • Poor function resulting in accelerated wear
  • Inadequate maintenance or neglect of the teeth
  • Genetic factors such as underdeveloped enamel or gum disease
  • Chemical factors such as heartburn, excessive soda consumption or citrus fruits
  • Biological factors such as caries and periodontitis mediated by oral bacteria
  • Malpraxis or iatrogenic dentistry by a fellow dentist

On the one hand, the damage incurred can have a serious impact on the psycho-social well-being of the patient - they are ashamed of their teeth, do not dare to smile or feel inhibited in a conversation. On the other hand, it can impact the function of teeth - they cannot chew or articulate properly. This type of problem usually requires a multidisciplinary approach. This means that a team of dental specialists looks at your teeth and analyses which issues need to be corrected. This always happens according to 3 domains:

  1. Biology, the teeth must be healthy and inflammation-free; you can properly maintain them at home.
  2. Function, the teeth must be functional. You must be able to chew and talk well without experiencing pain or discomfort.
  3. Aesthetics, you need to be able to smile with confidence again and feel confident about your smile.

We must analyse the expression of the smile in:

  • Alignment, form and colour of the teeth
  • Alignment and volume of the lips at rest and when moving
  • Face shape and age
  • The ratio of teeth to lips and face

In addition, the patient’s personal characteristics will determine whether the existing or new smile integrates perfectly within the patient and his or her personality. We ask ourselves the question: “Do we create the smile you used to have, or do we create the smile you never had?”

If you opt for an extensive reconstructive process, you may meet various dental specialists from the MOND team. In some cases, you will be guided by our patient coordinator so that timing, planning and treatments are aligned at all times. After all, we understand the impact that some treatments have and do everything we can to make it as pleasant as possible.

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